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If you live or are visiting London a great place to visit is Cambridge. Not only is it the home to of one of the most prestigious universities in the world, it is a great cute and historical town.

W H A T  TO  D O ?


If your going to Cambridge, you need to go punting. You can either rent a boat and try it yourself, or I recommend doing the tour. The tour gives you a history of the college and makes you aware of all the places to see and things you may want to revisit later.

K I N G ' S  C O L L E G E  C H A P E L

One of the highlights of visiting Cambridge, I was disappointed I was not able to go when I was there (be sure to check online for times and dates). It is supposed to be architecturally gorgeous and if you go let me know all about it in the comments. 

F I T Z W I L L I A M  M U S E U M

The Fitzwilliam Museum was a beautiful museum full of very interesting collections. If you have some time I would pop in for a quick look. Bonus:  It's completely free. 

M A R K E T  S Q U A R E

If your in Cambridge, I defiantly would visit the market and pick up some cute items and souvenirs before you leave. There was an abundance of shirts, scarves, artisans sellers, and souvenirs. 

W A N D E R 

One of the best ways to discover a new place is to get lost and wander. The University has so many hidden gems. Be sure to to talk to the locals, walk aimlessly, and don't be afraid to get lost. You may find yourself doing something pretty amazing. 

Have you been to Cambridge? What is your favorite things to do there? Leave your answers in the comments down below!

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