The Importance of Reading Notes

Only until recently did I start taking notes on assigned class readings. If your a person who has been doing this for a while, my last sentence may have come as a shock. But I was always a highlighter kind of person because I thought that was what you were supposed to do. But when borrowing books
from the school library (as I am abroad this semester), I am not allowed to highlight or mark the texts. I am so glad to have changed my ways and am enjoying the new notes I've been taking. Here are my reasons why you should start taking hand-written reading notes for class:

1. You have something to look back on while in class
whether to jog your memory or to find an answer. having the physical notes in front of you makes it a lot easier when the teacher starts their class reading interrogation. You'll also get Bonus Points from the teacher since they will know you have read the material.

2. Keeps You Focused
I noticed myself actually paying attention to what I read because I knew I eventually had to write something down. It helped me to stay focused on what I was doing rather than get distracted and start day dreaming.

3. Improves Summarization
I learned how to condense and summarize (mostly out of laziness) because you don't wan't to write everything down. Not only is writing everything down time consuming, but your hands will cramp up and let's face it, it gets very boring. So I learned to write more concise and created my own short hand.

Why not just type the notes?
Once upon a time, I used to type my reading notes. Now I realize how much time I wasted. I thought that because I type faster than I write it would cut my homework time in half. In reality, I know I type faster so I would write a lot and more or less copy from the book. When I'm writing I don't have the patience to write everything down; I have less notes, but better notes which makes it easier to scan for main points and ideas. Additionally, I find that when I write my notes I remember them better (there are tons of studies that prove writing notes are better but I actually find it personally beneficial).

So are you going to give it a try? If you do let me know how it worked out for you in the comments down below!
And let me know if you want a post on how I take notes in class and for my readings.