What Not to Pack When Studying Abroad

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If you are traveling a semester abroad (like I am),  or even a year abroad, you may justify the need to fit your whole bedroom into a suitcase. You probably have heard it a billion times before–as have I– but you don't need to bring as much stuff as you think you need. Here are a few things I regret packing this semester.

1. Heels
I brought a black pair of heels with me and I regret it. They haven't touched the London streets once and just take up room in my closet. Not saying that I couldn't use them if I wanted to, but I find it easier to just wear a cute pair of black heeled boots (like these) that work from day to night. Chances are you won't use them, and if you ever run into a situation that you need your heels, it gives you an excuse to go shopping!

2. Too Many Clothes
This may seem like an obvious one, and you have probably heard it said a million times before (i know I have) but you don't need to bring your whole closet when traveling abroad. If your deciding to bring that one dress for that one occasion or event that may or may not happen, chances are you probably won't need it. Bring versatile pieces that can be worn in all seasons for day and night (check out my last post here). These pieces will work in any country abroad and if you plan to travel even more so when abroad these are great staples to have.

3. Too Many Products
It wasn't until I got here that I realized I brought too much stuff in general. When I packed, I told myself that I was going to need that hair oil I barely use or that body wash I haven't used yet. In reality, I didn't use them much before and I'm still not using them a lot now. It just added more unnecessary weight and uses up necessary storage. So be mindful of what beauty products you bring along (I definitely brought WAY too much makeup). Ask yourself are you going to need this on a regular day basis? If not, there is no reason to bring it.

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