Brick Lane

7:22 AM

If you live in London you'll know the famous Brick Lane and it's many markets. And if your new to London I highly recommend strolling along this road on an empty stomach! I love going on a Sunday

strolling through the markets, looking at some beautiful graffiti, listening to some street music, and getting a bite to eat!

Highly recommend going to Kahaila! Not only is the place very cute, but the cakes are amazing and have that homemade feeling. They make the cakes fresh and on the day so a must if you go (and I highly recommend the blueberry cake if available)! 

There is also a 24 hour bagel bakery. To be honest I was very disappointed compared to my NJ/NY bagels from the states but it is cheap and a great option for a late night/early morning snack!

Where are some of your favorite London places?  I would love to hear your answers in the comments section down below!

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