What To Pack When Studying Abroad

6:52 PM

Not packing everything is the biggest struggle when traveling abroad. And deciding what to bring along can be stressful and nerve-racking. So, should you bring it along or leave it behind?

A lot of the time, what you bring depends on where you are going and what the weather will be like when you get there. However, no matter where you go there are some key pieces that should always be a staple on your packing list. Versatile Basics are the key to packing abroad (or anywhere actually). I'm talking about your basic pieces that can transition day to night, business to casual, winter to summer. Everyone needs these pieces in their closet and I would definitely bring them along for the ride.

A basic white and black (no print) T-shirt
Leather or Moto Style Jacket (black preferably)
Cute pair of athletic sneakers (to walk around the city/workout)
A Jean Jacket
A White Button Down
Blue Jeans (plain no rips/bleach)
Black Jeans
Black Leggings
Cute & Cozy Sweater
Black Ankle Boots
A cozy or decretive scarf
A small black cross-body bag (like this one)
Nude flats
Little Black Dress

Is there anything I may have missed? What would you add to the list? 
Leave your responses in the comments down below.

Until Next Time,
Kayla Lee

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