My Favorite YouTubers

I recently have been doing my favorite things lists and I thought I would do one in honor of Vidicon. If you are anything like me, YouTube is your TV. I am subscribed to more YouTubers than I probably should be, but I love them all and enjoy watching their videos. So here are five of some of
my favorite YoutTubers (in no particular order).

@SXEPHIL (aka Philip DeFranco) 

With over 3 million subscribes, Phil is funny, intelligent, and a joy to watch. I've watched every Phillip DeFranco Show episode for probably going on 3 or more years. He gives you the news in a fun and entertaining way and thats why he's one of my favorite YouTubers.

@MIMIIKNONN (aka Mimi Ikonn) 

I originally started with the Luxy Hair Channel, that I still watch for amazing hair tutorials, but enjoy her own channel more. I love her outfit cookbooks and travel adventures with her husband. Her videos are amazing quality and so beautifully put together, she'll make you want to travel the world and look good doing it!

@FUNFORLOUIS (aka Louis Cole) 

Louis is an everyday travel vlogger. He shows you the world in amazing quality in the most positive outlook. You can't help but smile and feel good watching his videos. He's an amazing person and the way he tries to live his life is an inspiration to all!


Nikkie is a Beauty Guru from the Netherlands (her channel is in English). She's spunky and sweet and her videos are beautiful. If you want to learn how to apply makeup then her channel is how you do it! 

@THEMRKATE (aka Mr.Kate)

Mr.Kate is a DIY and design blogger on YouTube. She is quirky, funny, and so incredibly talented. She could make a broom closet look amazing. My favorite series on her channel is We Bought a House: a series where her and her husband design and  create their dream home. If you haven't seen or heard of her you have to check her out now!