Top 5 Tracks of May

Here are the top five track I was jamming out to through out the month of May...

1. You Know You Like It - Alanna George (DJ Snake Remix)
     I've been listening to this song for months and months on repeat. Ever since I got back from college, and I've been listening to car radios, I've seen it really go mainstream and I could not be happier. I just hope I don't get tired of it but I doubt thats possible.

2.  Five Hours - Deorro 
     I'm a huge EDM fan and this song is always playing in my head. I just feel like dancing when I hear it. If you have never heard of it, check it out below!

3. Renegades - XAmbassodors
    If you have seen my post here, you know how amazing I think the XAmbassodors are.  I am so happy they are finally getting a stronger fandom and more of the spotlight they deserve. Their album Renegades is amazing so I had to feature the song Renegades as one of my top five.

4. #icanteven - The Neighborhood feat. French Montana
   If you haven't heard this song definitely check it out! I have to say, its enthralling to hear a man talk about his girlfriend cheating on him versus the usual other way around (cue Carrie Underwood!).  Because of this song The Neighborhood has defiantly caught my attention and I plan on listening to more of their work moving forward.

5.  Know Yourself - Drake
    You have probably definitely heard this song or heard parts of it many times lately.  I love Drake's new album/mixtape but the last week or so this song has been stuck in my head. If your a hip-hop/drake fan definitely check out his album If Your Reading This It's Too Late.

What did you listen to all through out May? Leave your responses in the comments down below!