Sunday Brunch

12:00 PM

      I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday weekend (and if you don't celebrate Easter/Passover, I hope you still enjoyed a weekend with friends and family!). This past Sunday, a couple of friends and
I decided to go to brunch in celebration of Easter. Usually always on campus (the life of a college student), I was overjoyed to be able to have a nice meal in downtown Boston. When researching good brunch places, I came across North Street Grille. I saw the menu, made a reservation two days in advance, and was excited to enjoy a nice meal with some friends for the holiday. The food was full of flavor and had a homey type of feel. 

After we ordered, we were immediately served, unexpectedly, banana bread. I could not contain my excitement (anyone who knows me knows how much I love everything with bananas). So moist and sweet, I could easily come back just for some banana bread and coffee. But even then I may not be able to contain myself and would order a meal knowing I would not be disappointed.  I ordered the Eggs Benedict (which came with home fries and your choice of onions, peppers, and cheese). The poached eggs were cooked perfectly, and although I thought the home fries looked to dark for my liking, I was presently surprised by how much I liked them!

The place was very small, so I would not recommend eating here if you are claustrophobic --or at least don't go during a busy time. Nonetheless, I found the place very nice and modern and can not wait to return!

Do you guys have any favorite Brunch spots in Boston (or your hometown)? I would love to here you favorites in the comments down below!

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