Music Spotlight : X Ambassadors

3:00 PM

     For my first Friday Favorites there was no competition. My favorite band for almost two years,
X Ambassadors, is an amazing Alternative Rock band centered in New York (the state, not the city). Their music is captivating and so unique; I found myself at one point listening to them and nothing else for weeks on end. They are truly addicting and after nearly two years, I still can't get enough. They have never released a full album but when they do you can be well assured I'll be the first in line to get it (fingers crossed this becomes a reality soon!!!) . I would attempt to tell you guys my favorite song, but it changes on the daily. You can almost always catch me getting one of their tunes randomly stuck in my head–which leads to awkward humming in a silent room or a little one man dance party in public!! 

Here's a live edition of their song Unconsolable – I may be bias but it is truly amazing!

Don't Forget to also Check Them Out Here:


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