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     My skin has always been a problem for me–and I know I'm not the only one! In the summer my face is hyper-oily, in the winter super dry, in the fall and spring almost everything in-between.
 Even though it is mid-March, winter hasn't quite left much room for spring and my face is still getting the occasional dry flaky patches caused by the freezing temperatures here in Boston. I put layer upon layer of moisturizer and exfoliate two to three times per week (which I highly recommend!), but am still left with the constant struggle of dry flaky skin. But over the years I have discovered the best trick to combat dry flaky skin–lip balm. A good lip balm helps combat your chapped lips, so why not your skin? Lip balms are ultra-moisturizing and when applied under makeup they help smooth out any flakes and uneven surfaces. I recommend to get a lip balm that isn't tinted and if you have a lip balm you know and love stick with it! But if you don't, I  listed some of my favorite lip balms down below:

1. EOS
     My go-to favorite lip balms are definitely the EOS ones! They work like a charm and their shape is just so cute and fun (plus you can't go wrong with a price tag of around $4) . My favorite flavor is Honeysuckle Honeydew! What's yours?

2. Sugar by Fresh
     A very popular lip balm for a very good reason. Ultra-moisturizing this lip balm will make your lips and skin super soft. It is on the pricey side (around $22) so keep that in mind– but if you can I would defiantly give it a try! (I recommend the Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy– it's not tinted and is ultra-hydrating!)

3. Nivea Lip Butter
     This is my go-to lip product when I wake up in the morning. After washing my face I slather this on my lips and any dry patches on my skin and let it set in before I apply my makeup. It's in a pot, so for sanitary reasons I use it mostly in the mornings.

4. Vaseline
    Last but certainly not least! This has been a well-known lasting favorite for dry skin and lips for years. With many proven and rumored benefits it is almost like there is nothing Vaseline can't do. I highly recommend it if you have very dry and cracked skin!!

Give it a try and comment down below, I would love to hear what you guys think!!


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